MSU President's column for Traill County Tribune

September 3, 2015 

Community member input will be important to success of new strategic plan


A challenge for the coming year is the development of a new strategic plan. We are in the enviable position of having accomplished all, and even more, of the plans we laid down a number of years ago. The closest thing we have to a crystal ball is a good strategic planning process. That process allows us to create and view our proposed future.

Our task during this academic year will be to examine literally all the variables that affect our campus, our dreams, and our resource realities. Another consideration is our alignment to the North Dakota University System plans and the guidelines of our accrediting bodies. The ultimate goal is to chart a future for Mayville State University that will be challenging, exciting, and beneficial to the campus, community, state, and region.

Strategic planning is defined as a process by which organizations establish priorities to better serve their constituents. Developing and implementing a comprehensive strategic planning process is key to creating a strong future. As the variables are examined and prioritized, we will turn them into our goals, objectives, and strategies. The strategic plan then becomes our road map that leads the institution into the future.

We at Mayville State University are excited about creating a new strategic plan, but we cannot do it without you. Input from Mayville State University's stakeholders will be critical to defining our future direction. We have already asked for feedback from all Mayville State University faculty and staff. We’ll be asking the students to weigh in soon. Now, we look to our community members and alumni for their thoughts. Together, we will define Mayville State’s future.

We invite you to find out more about this exciting activity and to watch the process unfold. The Mayville State Website has been expanded to include a section on strategic planning. Here, one can see the Mayville State University strategic planning model, learn who is on the strategic planning committee, read the committee minutes, and take a look at the strategic plan template. As the process unfolds and begins to take form, the template will evolve into the actual strategic plan. I encourage you to check it out at

While you’re there, please take a few minutes to give your input via the strategic planning survey. It will take about 15 minutes to complete and is it completely anonymous. We greatly value your thoughts and thank you in advance for participating.

Again, that website address is We look forward to creating a new strategic plan which will lead Mayville State University down the path of endless possibilities and a robust future.