August 30, 2018

The 12th annual Mayville State University Comet Athletic Club Sportsmen’s Raffle event held Saturday evening, Aug. 25 at the Mayville Armory, generated lots of excitement and anticipation, with the ultimate goal of financial support for Comet Athletics. Proceeds will be used to support scholarships for Mayville State University student athletes. This support is key in attracting student athletes to play on Mayville State teams.

The highlight of the evening was the drawing for 50 guns that were given away to individuals who had purchased raffle tickets for a chance to win. The event was attended by about 250 people who enjoyed dinner and had an opportunity to participate in a variety of other raffles with the chance of winning some terrific prizes.

Mayville State Athletic Director Ryan Hall emceed the program and was assisted by Mike Carr, Comet Athletic Club president. A cash bar was provided by Floyd’s in Portland. Bryan Karolus and his staff with Mayville State Dining Services cooked and served the meal.

“I am so very appreciative of the work that was done to plan and execute the 12th annual Sportsmen’s Raffle event,” said Mayville State University President Dr. Brian Van Horn. “Those who attended the event appeared to have a great time, all for such a noble cause. Thank you to all!”

There were numerous winners of many side raffle prizes, including Jeni Peterson of Mayville, who won a gun safe donated by Valley Plains Equipment.

Finley Motorsports of Finley, N.D. sponsored the raffle of a 2018 Polaris Ranger 500 all-terrain vehicle. Darrel Simonson, Hillsboro, N.D., was the winner of the ATV. Cash consolation prizes were won by Johnny Jorgensen, Mayville, N.D.; Kirk Davis, Hatton, N.D.; Shawnee Evanson, Northwood, N.D.; Ben Iverson, Portland, N.D.; Shane Orr, Portland, N.D.; Rhonda Nelson, Portland, N.D.; Tom Gayner, Dassel, Minn.; and Garrett Stubstad, New Town, N.D.

A highlight of the evening was the raffle of a North Dakota white-tail deer license. The license was donated as a special program of the North Dakota Game and Fish Department. In return for receiving the donation, the Comet Athletic Club will donate a percentage of the proceeds of that particular raffle to Mayville Portland hunter safety education. Cory Moen of Mayville won the deer license.

The Comet Athletic Club Sportsmen’s Raffle is held each year to raise funds for scholarships for Mayville State’s student athletes. Tickets for the gun raffle are sold for $100 each. A limited number of tickets is sold each year, allowing for a one-in-10 chance to win a gun.

“We are grateful to the many people who purchased raffle tickets and participated in the raffle event activities on August 25,” said Mike Carr. “We also express our sincere thanks to our emcee for the evening; to Finley Motorsports, Valley Plains Equipment, Thrivent Financial, Sue Strand and Jeremy Strand, Miller’s Fresh Foods, Scheels, and Floyd’s for their support; and to the Comet Athletic Club board members who worked hard to make it happen.”

The list of winners in the 50-gun giveaway follows: 

1.   Benelli M3 Black 12 Gauge Auto - Larry Hanson, Mayville, N.D.;

2.   Beretta 92 92FS 9mm - Richard Fugleberg, Portland, N.D.;

3.   Bergara B-14HMR Lon Range 308 - Darrel Simonson, Hillsboro, N.D.;

4.   Remington 870 express 12 Gauge - Kol Baldstad, Mayville, N.D.;

5.   Ruger Security 9 9mm - Lisa Rude, McVille, N.D.;

6.   Mossberg Patriot Walnut 270 with Scope - Mark Osland, Mayville, N.D.;

7.   Stoeger Coach Gun LX Side by Side 12 Gauge - Jeremy Kihne, Mayville, N.D.;

8.   Smith & Wesson Victory 22 LR - Patricia Johnson, Hillsboro, N.D.;

9.   Savage 17 HMR Wood Heavy Barrel Scope Combo - Stu Gullicks, Finley, N.D.;

10.       Christenson Arms Mesa 300 Win - Dale Baldock, Portland, N.D.;

11.       Stevens 555 20 Gauage Over/Under - Scott Larson, Mayville, N.D.;

12.       H & K VP9 9MM - Corey McGillis, Mayville, N.D.;

13.       Beretta A300 3" 12 Gauge Auto - Bruce Uglem, Hatton, N.D.;

14.       DPMS Oracle AR 15 223 - Nate Larimore, Larimore, N.D.;

15.       Springfield XDS 9mm - Leroy Abbas, Portland, N.D.;

16.       Browning Abolt 3 243 Walnut - Troy Sand, Mayville, N.D.;

17.       Benelli Nova 12 Gauge 3.5" Black - Alex Berry, Mayville, N.D.;

18.       Ruger SR 22 22LR - Dave Schumacher, Grafton, N.D.;

19.       Marlin 336W 30-30 Wood - James Aarsvold, Blanchard, N.D.;

20.       Benelli Montefeltro 12 Gauge Auto Walnut - Rick Pladson, Hatton, N.D.;

21.       Henry Goldenboy 22LR - Matt Chandler, Thompson, N.D.;

22.       Stoeger Condor 12 Gauge Over/Under - Jason Perkins, Mayville, N.D.;

23.       Bergara B 14 Hunter 6.5 Creedmoor - Troy Carl, Portland, N.D.;

24.       Kimber Micro Carry 9mm - Neil Halvorson, Portland, N.D.;

25.       Winchester SXP Trap 12 Gauge Wood - Brad Papenfuss, Portland, N.D.;

26.       Ruger Mark 4 Targer 22 LR Stainless - Beth Higdem, Wahpeton, N.D.;

27.       Savage 17 HMR Laminate Stock Stainless - Arne Osland, Mayville, N.D.;

28.       Smith & Wesson Shield 9mm - Travis House, Wheatland, N.D.;

29.       Stoeger P3500 12 Gauge Camo - Mark Muhonen, Fargo, N.D.;

30.       Kimber Custom 2 45 ACP 1911 - Keith Jacobson, Hope, N.D.;

31.       Tikka T3x Stainless 22-250 - Brian Johnson, Hatton, N.D.;

32.       Ruger GP 100 6" 357 Revolver - Nick Fugleberg, Portland, N.D.;

33.       Winchester SXP 12 Gauge 3.5 Camo - Lance Fugleberg, Portland, N.D.;

34.       Franchi Affinity 3" 12 Gauge Auto Wood - Emil Bedard, Las Vegas, Nev.;

35.       Legacy Sports Pointer 410 Over/Under - Allison Johnson, Mayville, N.D.;

36.       Sig Sauer P320 9mm - Ted Karlstad, Mayville, N.D.;

37.       Winchester SX4 12 Gauge 3.5 Black - Jerry Paulson, Mayville, N.D.;

38.       Glock 22 40 S&W gen 4 - Tim Hughes, Thompson, N.D.;

39.       Ruger American Predator 223 Voretx 4-12 Scope - Brandon Galde, Hatton, N.D.;

40.       Franchi Instionct 12 Gauge Over/Under - Amanda Jordan, Portland, N.D.;

41.       Smith & Wesson MP 15 AR 15 223 - Orion Sanda, Northwood, N.D.;

42.       Tikaa T3X Wood 270 - Buddy Reinhart, Hatton, N.D.;

43.       Kimber K6S 357 2" Revolver - Harlan Johnson, Mayville, N.D.;

44.       Ruger Vaquero Stainless 45 LC - Dustin Neva, Hatton, N.D.;

45.       Beretta A 400 Xplor 12 Gauge Wood Auto - Derek Peterson, Mayville, N.D.;

46.       Kimber Varmitt 22-250 Stainless - Jay Henrickson, Mayville, N.D.;

47.       Springfield 1911 45 - Mike Cunningham, Portland, N.D.;

48.       Henry Big Boy Lever action 357/39spl - Jeff Strand, Portland, N.D.;

49.       Smith & Wesson 460 Revolver - Brody Gjellstad, Stanley, N.D.;

50.       Benelli Ultralight 20 Gauge Auto Deluxe Walnut - James Johnson, Park River, N.D.