MSU President's Newspaper Column

June 29, 2024

Campus improvements will have a major impact

As we move forward with the Old Main renovation project, other areas of the campus will see increases in usage and traffic. Many of the offices providing services for students and prospective students will be located in Campus Center and Campus Center will become the “front door” to campus during this time of transition.

To accommodate additional use of the building and to provide a welcoming space where students can gather and socialize, a remodel is planned in the bookstore and snack bar area. The project is funded through Campus Center and bookstore auxiliary funds. The finished project will accommodate new space for the bookstore and campus mailroom, along with a student lounge and vending space.

Campus Center remodel 06-2024.jpgThe project began late last winter when architectural design students from North Dakota State University were on campus to gather input and then came up with designs that would best accommodate Mayville State’s needs. A design has been selected and we have hired the local firm of Hepper Olson Architects to work with us, along with Gleason Construction and North Star Electric.

Work began Wednesday, June 26, with the goal of being ready to go before students arrive for the beginning of the fall semester. The bookstore closed Monday, June 24, and will remain closed through the month of July. Should anyone need bookstore services during this time of renovation, they may call 701-788-4823 for assistance.

In addition to this work, an elevator will be installed at the east entrance to the Campus Center, providing accessibility to the second floor. Projected completion for the elevator installation is December of 2024. The elevator project is being funded with Old Main renovation dollars, as several offices will be relocated from Old Main to the upper level of the Campus Center while the Old Main renovation project is being completed, and accessibility is required.

CB-Fieldhouse Landscape 06-26-2024 web.jpgWhile all this facility work is going on, the Alumni Association is spearheading a landscaping transformation in the corridor that runs between the Classroom Building and Lewy Lee Fieldhouse. This walkway is a major thoroughfare across campus, and we anticipate traffic will increase during the time when the Old Main project is underway.

The goal is to make this area a destination for gatherings, photo ops, and activities for students, employees, alumni, and the community. There will be new patios, seating, and gardens filled with beautiful plants, bushes, trees, boulders, and more. Elements that represent Mayville State’s history will be incorporated, while the area celebrates the university’s present and future as well.

The corridor will be beaming with Comet Pride and provide a beautiful walkway leading to and from our beloved Old Main. The project is slated for completion in time for Homecoming/Farmers Bowl festivities on Sept. 27 and 28.

We thank the many employees and students who are working hard to accommodate and facilitate the renovations in Old Main and Campus Center. As always, we are also grateful for the good work of the Alumni Association board members and the alumni and friends who are making financial contributions to make the new landscaping and patios a reality. This is another stellar example of people working together and making a positive difference at Mayville State University.

When you consider the Campus Center project, along with the Old Main renovation project, about 50% of the campus will be “new” by the summer of 2026. This will no doubt have a major impact on Mayville State University and our community. We look forward to a bright future filled with possibilities!

Photos: (Top) Architect's rendering of completed Campus Center remodel. (Bottom) The corridor between the Classroom Building and Lewy Lee Fieldhouse is undergoing a transformation this summer.