Bob Kozojed.jpgOctober 5, 2021

Bob Kozojed was named the recipient of the Mayville State University Orville Johnson Meritorious Service Award for 2021. Kozojed is Director of Facilities Services and Campus Security, as well as Campus Center custodian and chief emergency officer. The award was presented at Mayville State’s employee recognition dinner held on Tuesday evening, Sept. 28, 2021.

The Orville Johnson Meritorious Service Award is given to an employee who shows outstanding dedication, loyalty, and trustworthiness toward Mayville State University and his or her fellow employees. Each year, staff members nominate and select a fellow employee to receive the distinguished award.

A fellow Mayville State employee who nominated Bob for the award had this to say about him, “I’m not sure how campus would have survived this past year of COVID-19 without Bob’s attention to detail and endless hours of planning and implementing all the restrictions and policies to make our environment safe that were put before him. Bob wears many hats and he’s always more than happy to help out wherever he’s needed to set up, tear down, clean up, repair, view security tapes, and so much more. He has donated his time and talents to many fund-raising causes on campus by donating his woodworking creations and also through his awesome tables at the Tables du Jour event.”

Orville Johnson is remembered as a faithful Mayville State employee who worked as a custodian from 1959 until his retirement in 1980. Orville passed away on December 17, 1986. Upon his death, his family donated his United States military service flag and $10,000 to Mayville State. The monetary donation is used to help honor and recognize Mayville State staff members.

As the recipient of the Orville Johnson Meritorious Service Award this year, Bob’s name will be engraved on the Orville Johnson plaque (located in the lobby of the Mayville State Campus Center). She also received a framed award certificate and a $75.00 gift certificate to be spent at the Mayville State University Bookstore.

Other nominees for the Orville Johnson Meritorious Service Award this year were Teresa Agnes, Susan Cordahl, Sarah Gasevic, Ashley Hanson, Remington Herman, Shannon Hofer, Heather Hoyt, Craig Keating, Michaela Moulton, Katie Richards, Pam Soholt, Brittany Stevenson, and Gary Stordahl.

Past recipients of the Orville Johnson Meritorious Service Award are Art Berglie, T. Howard Moen, Phyllis Dakken, Vrenda Bengtson, Avis Larson, Betty Karaim, Ken Eken, Janet Nielson, Rodney Gunderson, Brad Papenfuss, Karoline Jacobson, Marina “Winky” Gummer, Janice Sand, Becky Edinger, Beverly Holt, Janice Jorgensen, Andrea Knudson, Jim Lyng, Beth Swenson, Rendi Johnson-Ebach, Nancy Galde, Claudia Hastings, Dean Kostuck, Bryan Karolus, Tom Moen, Bev Holt, Lou Dauphanais,  Marge Fugleberg, Alice Rice, Rick Karboviak, Misti Wuori, Lois Karlstad, and Cheryl Angen.