Modern East Asia 01.jpgApril 17, 2023

In Dr. John Pederson’s Mayville State class on Modern East Asia, students are learning about the Great Leap Forward in China during the mid-20th century. They are reading “Mao’s Great Famine” by Frank Dikotter, and each student is required to host an in-class discussion on a chapter of their choosing.
Student and aspiring educator Tucker Bercier led a discussion on the chapter titled, “Dear Chairman Mao.” The chapter discusses how poetry was a way for Chinese citizens to speak out against the egregious consequences of the Great Leap Forward. Tucker had his classmates work in pairs to simulate the role of Chinese citizens voicing their dissent through the creation of poetry. Tucker combined what he has learned in English, social science, and education courses to lead an activity that gave him a chance to practice his skills as a future educator. Great work!
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