Lon Jorgensen.jpgJuly 2, 2020

Lon “Jorgy” Jorgensen, new Mayville State University Foundation Executive Director, recalls his graduation from Mayville State in May of 1993. “It was a hot, muggy day, but a fun one nonetheless,” said Jorgensen reflecting on the past as his new role at his alma mater begins. “It was a big day for all graduates. After all, how often does one graduate from college?”

Fast forward to today. Twenty-seven years have elapsed and there have been several principalships, a superintendency, a marriage of 21 years to wife Michele, kids Grace and Gunnar, dogs Vince, Bart, Odin, Duke, and Fester, and now he’s back at his beloved Mayville State.

The same feelings of pride and excitement he felt when he walked across the stage in 1993 were with him on his first day on the job with the foundation on July 1, 2020.

“Walking the campus, going through Old Main, saying ‘hi’ and being introduced and reintroduced to friends new and old was a surreal experience,” he said, adding, “The love and friendliness of Mayville State connect the past to the present. As I walked into the bookstore to purchase some MSU gear, Pam Soholt ran around the counter and gave me a big hug. I seem to recall the same thing happening 27 years ago. While the hug may not have been COVID appropriate, it certainly was COMET appropriate. This gesture made my day and reminded me of why I love this place. While some things change, the good in MSU always stays the same.”

As his first day on the job came to an end, he drove by the old practice fields. “Call it divine intervention, or just me being nostalgic,” he recalled, “but I pulled my vehicle over and went for a small walk out to Jerome Berg Field and Scott Berry Field inside the Al Meyer Sports Complex. As I stood there basking in the beauty of the day and the facilities, the word ‘home’ popped into my head. That’s Mayville State to me …. ‘home.”

So 27 year later, Jorgy’s back. He has a different title, but the same old Jorgy remains. “Kind of like the goodness of MSU, don’t you think?” he surmised.