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Division of Education

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Office Location:  Education 116C
Contact Email:  116,101,114,101,115,97,46,97,103,110,101,115,64,109,97,121,118,105,108,108,101,115,116,97,116,101,46,101,100,117
Phone:  55,48,49,45,55,56,56,45,52,55,49,48

Agnes, TeresaAdministrative Assistant
Cannon, YvonneAssistant Professor of Education
Dodson, ClaytonAssistant Professor of Education
Dulski-Bucholz, AndiDean and Division Chair / Associate Professor of Education
Dybing-Driessen, AllisonAdjunct Instructor
Enger, CarolUniversity Supervisor, Emeritus Professor
Gregg, CindyAssistant Professor of Education
Hagen, BrittanyAssociate Professor of Education
Johnson, PamAssistant Professor of Education
Kallock, SarahInstructor of Education
Karlstad, TheodoreStudent Teacher Supervisor
Kornkven, KellyInstructor of LMIS & CIS
Mohagen, RobertaStudent Teacher Supervisor
Odden, KelliAssociate Professor of Education
Smith, KaylaInstructor of Education / Student Placement and Data Management Coordinator
Strand, DonaleeStudent Teacher Supervisor
Theis, CarlyAssistant Professor of Education
Willeson, AnnProfessor of Education