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Child Development Programs

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Office Location:  Birkelo Hall
Contact Email:  109,115,117,99,100,112,64,109,97,121,118,105,108,108,101,115,116,97,116,101,46,101,100,117
Phone:  55,48,49,45,55,56,56,45,52,56,54,56
Fax:  55,48,49,45,55,56,56,45,52,55,56,49

Amb, JessicaDirector
Amundson, MackenzieChild Care Teacher
Bergstrom, DenaHealth Manager
Blumkin, SarahChild Care Teacher
Bolton, LorraineAide - H3 (PreK)
Bye, MichelleParent, Family and Community Engagement and Mental Health Manager
Bykonen, AnnAide - SFB Float
Coran, ChellbiAide - GCM Float
Domier, MandiFiscal Manager
Eberle, PamelaClassroom Teacher
Ehlears, KellyClassroom Teacher
Eide, BrendaClassroom Aide
Enger, BonnieCook
Fitzner, KelseyHealth Coordinator
Freeman, ShielaPre-School Teacher
Gador, LilyPre-School Teacher
Gehl, MelissaCook
Gibbs, ShandiClassroom Teacher
Giedd, MelissaClassroom Teacher
Gowan, KellyCook
Hanson, RobynClassroom Teacher
Hanson, WendyClassroom Teacher
Hefta, CoraAdministrative Assistant
Hegg, JessiProfessional Development Coordinator
Hjelmstad, AbbyClassroom Teacher
Hjelmstad, ElizabethClassroom Aide
Huard, DawnSite Coordinator
Hutchins, HeatherClassroom Teacher
Jacobson, BillieClassroom Teacher
Jensen, AliciaPre-School Teacher
Kaiser, AlisonClassroom Teacher
Knudson, BrandiClassroom Aide - Mayville
Knudson, SandraCook
Kvernen, KimberlyClassroom Teacher
Larson, JodiClassroom Teacher
Manthey, BambiCook
Ness, KaylaEligibility, Recruitment, Selection, Enrollment, and Attendance Coordinator
Nielson, JoAnnaHuman Resources and Program Coordinator
Northburg, JeanniePre-School Teacher
Ochoa, CassandraTeacher - H1a (I/T)
Ochoa, RachelClassroom Teacher
Oveson, JoniClassroom Teacher
Pawlikowski, VeronikaClassroom Teacher
Piker, HaleyClassroom Aide
Rygg, KaylaClassroom Teacher
Schreiner, KaraProfessional Development Coordinator
Scoble, KaitlynTeacher - MAb (I/T)
Sjol, Anna MariaEducation and Disabilities Manager
Tabatt, AshleyClassroom Aide
Tabatt, TaylorClassroom Teacher
Ulrich, MariesaClassroom Teacher
Williams, AlisaChild Care Teacher
Williams, AshleyClassroom Teacher
Wosick, KristinProgram Support Specialist
Wright, RachealClassroom Teacher