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Division of Business

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Office Location:  Old Main 202
Contact Email:  66,114,105,116,116,97,110,121,46,89,111,117,110,103,64,109,97,121,118,105,108,108,101,115,116,97,116,101,46,101,100,117
Phone:  55,48,49,45,55,56,56,45,52,55,49,51

Gutschmidt, DonnaProfessor of Business Administration
Jacobson, RonaldInstructor of Business
Johnston, RobAssociate Professor of Business
Levitt, GeneProfessor of Accounting
Moe, ThomasInstructor of Business Administration
Nelson, RhondaDivision Chair / Associate Professor of Business
Olson, DustinAssociate Professor of Business
Stevenson, BrittanyAdministrative Assistant
Stoa, TheodoreAssistant Professor of Business
Tangsrud, RobertAssociate Professor of Business