Staff Strategies training sessions were implemented in March of 2019. They are monthly training sessions sponsored by Staff Senate and are open to both staff and faculty. 

Watch your email for details about upcoming sessions!



April 2021: Campus Phones by Matthew Dalrymple

March 2021: Adobe Acrobat Reader by Robert Frederick

February 2021: Check Your Check by Sarah Gasevic

January 2021: E-sports by Matthew Berglund

November 2020: Video Conferencing: TEAMS v Zoom by Craig Keating

October 2020: Instant Messaging: TEAMS v Skype by Craig Keating

September 2020: Cybersecurity by Rob Frederick

June 2020: Microsoft Excel by Rhonda Nelson and Ashley Kulland

April 2020: True Colors by Kristi Lentz

February 2020: Todoist & TeamUp by Ashley Kulland and Chris Gonnella

January 2020: Outlook Email Etiquette & Calendar by Craig Keating

November 2019: Travel & Expenses by Lois Karlstad

October 2019: Staff Association Meeting

September 2019: The Dakota Wellness Program by Sarah Gasevic

July 2019: The Wellness Center by Lisa Rakowski & Naomi Harpestad

June 2019: AED Training by Scott Parker

May 2019: Microsoft Office 365 Part 3: Microsoft Teams by Matt Dalrymple

April 2019: Microsoft Office 365 Part 2: OneNote by Patrick Steele

March 2019: Microsoft Office 365 Part 1: Office 365 & OneDrive by Patrick Steele