Important Financial Aid Documents & Forms

Cultural Diversity Waivers

Mayville State University is pleased to offer cultural diversity waivers for those full-time students who qualify. Renewals of diversity waivers require that the student apply each year by completing the application.
Cultural Diversity Waiver Form

Summer Financial Aid

If you plan to attend summer school and would like to request financial assistance, you must complete and return a Summer Financial Aid Application. Enrollment for the summer is the same as for fall and spring semesters; full-time is 12 credits and half-time is 6 credits. Students must enroll in at least 6 credits to be eligible for federal loans.

Verification Worksheets

If your FAFSA application was selected for verification, we will be comparing information from your application with copies of your and your parents' tax information and W-2s. In addition to the tax and W-2 information, we require you to complete a verification worksheet. If you are not sure which worksheet you need to complete, please contact the Financial Aid Office at 701-788-4893 for assistance.

2020-2021 Verification Dependent Worksheet
2020-2021 Verification Independent Worksheet

2019-2020 Verification Dependent Worksheet
2019-2020 Verification Independent Worksheet

Special Circumstances

If you have experienced a loss or reduction of benefits, separation or divorce, death of a parent or spouse, excess medical expenses or other unusual debts or expenses in the past year that you feel will affect your ability to contribute toward your educational costs, you may request that the financial aid director consider you for a special circumstance. Please keep in mind that submitting this form does not guarantee a favorable change in your aid eligibility.
Special Circumstance Form

Consortium Agreement

The United States Department of Education requires that a written consortium agreement exist between two institutions whereby a student desires to take courses at both institutions in the same enrollment period. A consortium agreement provides the legal basis to process financial aid for a student matriculated at Mayville State University but studying at another university or college for a semester or academic year.
Consortium Agreement