College life is about more than the classroom. What do you want out of your education?

video_graphic.jpgEach of our student organizations is tailored to the interests of our students. Not only does MSU have over 20 groups for you to join, but every academic area has a correlating organization making it easy to meet other students with your same interest while adding to your education. If a club is outside your major but still interests you, such as Comet Radio or Science Club, join and explore the many ways MSU makes your college experience the best it can be!

For more information regarding how you can get involved, please contact the Office of Student Life at 701-788-4697 orĀ

Career Services

Annual Events

Tradition is a large part of our culture at MSU and we are always looking for new customs to add to our list! Each year, students have ample opportunity to partake in some of MSU's most beloved events. Check out our list and be a part of history.

Student Activities Council

SAC stands for Student Activities Council. We are the cool kids on campus who get to plan and organize awesome events such as Homecoming and Sno Daze. We promote all of the fun stuff like free movies, comedians, dances, etc. that happen on campus throughout the year. SAC meets once a week and is always looking for new ideas and suggestions.

Labor Day Weekend 2020

activities on campus the weekend of Labor Day 2020