VoiceThread (VT) is a web-based, asynchronous communication tool that can be used to enhance the online experience. VoiceThread supports the following uses:

    • Narrate a presentation with audio and/or video
    • Transform discussion boards from text only to audio/video.
    • Promote individual commenting on the topic via voice or text
    • Students can interact with the material and with each other via audio, video and/or text
    • Students can critique themselves and each other using the comments feature
    • Individual and Group Reflection
    • Students can create their own content
    • Collaboration tool for students and faculty
    • Assessment tool for instructors to evaluate and critique student submissions.


To Login and Use Your VoiceThread Account

To use your VT account, you must first click on a VoiceThread link in Blackboard. The best practice is to create a link in the course you think you will use VT. If you're unsure, you can always hide the link. 

More tutorials coming soon.


Teaching and Learning Examples