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The Comet Kudos award was created by Staff Senate in October of 2019. The award was created to recognize staff members for their outstanding contributions to the university. Each month, one staff member will be selected to receive the Comet Kudos award. Anyone may nominate a staff member for this recognition; however, each recipient may only be recognized once per calendar year. 

All Mayville State University staff members are eligible, including full-time, part-time, and temporary staff. Faculty are NOT eligible. If you would like to nominate a faculty member, please contact one of your Faculty Senators.

Congratulations to our most recent winner, Heather Hoyt!

To nominate someone for this month's Comet Kudos Award, do so by using the following link: July Comet Kudos Nomination Form



June 2020: Alyson Beckman, Online Enrollment Coordinator

May 2020: Heather Hoyt, Director of Academic Records

April 2020: Ashley Hanson, Executive Assistant for Academic Affairs

March 2020: Alissa Perkins, Distance Programs Support Specialist

February 2020: Brad Papenfuss, Facilities Services

January 2020: Leslie Durkin, Academic Records Assistant

December 2019: Deni Winsand, Administrative Assistant for Education

November 2019: Ashley Kulland, Senior Institutional Research Coordinator

October 2019: Susan Cordahl, Academic Advisor & VA Certifying Official