alpha_phi_sigma_initiation-web.jpgEighteen new members were initiated to the Mayville State Omicron Alpha Phi Sigma chapter Thurs., May 1. New members are Alexis DuBois, Timothy Erickson, Sarah Gandari, Dane Henke, Gloria Matz, Monica Myhre Mocko, Nisa Rajput, Alexxa Sanabria, Lisa Sebelius, Alyssa DeMars, Jessica Fosberg, Shaleen Helmer, Jeffrey D. Jones, Amber Montag, Cassey Orre, Cameron Sampson, Amber Sandmeyer, and Zackery Slater.

Alpha Phi Sigma is a national scholastic honor society, founded in 1930. The purpose of the society is to recognize scholarship and to encourage a continued love of learning. The motto of Alpha Phi Sigma is “Joy, Vision, and Service - three essentials of a truly successful life.” A student must have earned junior standing (60 credits or more) and have an institutional GPA of 3.50 or greater to be eligible for membership.

Officers for the 2014-2015 academic year were elected at the May 1 meeting. They are Sarah Gandari, president; Amber Sandmeyer, vice president; Taylor Palmer, secretary; and Dane Henke, treasurer. Dr. John Pederson is the faculty sponsor for the group. Outgoing offers are Tina Nygard, president; Elizabeth Cakebread, vice president; Patricia Lopez, secretary; and Whitney Federenko, treasurer. 

Caption for photo:

Omicron Alpha Phi Sigma members at the May 1 new member initiation were

Front (l-r): Amber Montag, Finley, N.D.; Amber Sandmeyer, Eagle Bend, Minn.; Alexis DuBois, Langdon, N.D.; Lisa Sebelius, Bottineau, N.D.; Sarah Gandari, Harare, Zimbabwe; and Jeffrey Jones, Langdon, N.D.

Middle: Alyssa DeMars, Cavalier, N.D.; Shaleen Helmer, Hannaford, N.D.; TJ Erickson, Roseau, Minn.; Cassey Orre, Fertile, Minn.; Zackery Slater, Barnum, Minn.; Nisa Rajput, Harare, Zimbabwe; John Pederson, faculty sponsor, Mayville; Gloria Matz, Breckenridge, Minn.; and Dane Henke, Cando, N.D.

Back: Patricia Lopez, Clarissa, Minn.; Taylor Palmer, Sharon, N.D.; Whitney Federenko, Anchorage, Alaska; Elizabeth Cakebread, Shelly, Minn.; Tina Nygard, Edinburg, N.D.; and Emma Grant, West Fargo, N.D.